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The Grill Greats – 6 Pack Mini Rub Jars

The Grill Greats – 6 Pack Mini Rub Jars

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Sasquatch or Derek Wolf? Girls can Grill or Grill Dads? DJ BBQ or Adam McKenzie? The answer? YES! Our Grilling Greats packs six of our favorite grillers into one box. Fire up that grill, you’ve got some sampling to do. Sasquatch BBQ: Black Gold - 1oz Jar- Christie Vanover: Chicken Rub - 1oz Jar DJ BBQ: El Mariachi - 1oz Jar Adam McKenzie: Garlic Junky - 1oz Jar Derek Wolf: Maple Bourbon - 1oz Jar The Grill Dads: White Tuxedo - 1oz Jar *Note this set will return with Moss as a replacement for Black Gold. See website for more details*
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