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RoomSmells - Coffee Tower

RoomSmells - Coffee Tower

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Hello Coffee LOVERS! This trio of candles is for YOU!. The aroma of coffee in your home is always so very satisfying and relaxing. The set includes 3 different scents.... all which alone have been huge hits. Cafe Con Leche Rich, sweet creamy caramel with butter coffee, cacao, and warm vanilla come together in a luscious confection. Fragrance Notes Top: Whipped Butter Middle: Creamy Caramel Base: Coffee, Cacao, Brown Sugar, Vanilla Chai Latte Curate Coziness. Cinnamon and spices swirl together as you sip a warm drink cloaked in your favorite blanket. Vanilla orchids grace the windowsill as you look out in the autumn colored foliage. The smell of vanilla permeates the air. No barista needed! Fragrance Notes Notes : fruity cherry, spiced rum Middle Notes : vanilla beans, cinnamon Base Notes : woods, warm musk Porch Coffee Macadamia Milk & vanilla meld in this warm embrace. Toasted almond and golden amber permeate your senses as you sip your warm coffee on the po
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