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River of Goods

River of Goods - 26"H Wyatt Amber Stained Glass Window Panel

River of Goods - 26"H Wyatt Amber Stained Glass Window Panel

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Lavishing swirls! This panel is the perfect compliment to your Brandi Lamps or Ceiling Fan. The Brandi collection features delicate real stained glass ribbons, glass Rosettes and marquee cabochons. When placed in a window these panels come to light! A perfect addition for fall décor & gift giving. Bring the beauty of our Brandi Collection to your window! One of our best selling collections is now available in a window panel. At 26"H, this beauty will bring color and shine to any window in your home! This piece is crafted with high end ripple glass. Expertly crafted from 206 pieces of hand cut stained glass in neutral tones with pops of red, purple, and yellow. 32 glass cabochons and 3 hand poured glass rosettes add texture and shine as they reflect the sunlight. Glass variations, such as high-end ripple glass and striated glass are soldered together to form delicate ribbons of color. A basket weave filigree frames each side.
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