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Blissy - Blissy Beauty Band - Tie-Dye

Blissy - Blissy Beauty Band - Tie-Dye

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With the royal touch of silk, the Blissy Beauty Band keeps your hair in check while you do your daily routines: skincare, makeup, workout.. you name it! And it does so with great benefits on your hair and skin. Our headband prevents breakage through the hypoallergenic and frictionless properties of silk. The silk lining also retains moisture, which means your skincare or hair products will not be wasted on fabric absorption. The adjustable velcro closure fits comfortably on all head sizes.  Made with the same high-quality 100% Mulberry Silk as our signature pillowcases, the beauty band is completely organic, non-toxic and OEKO-TEX certified. Dimensions: * Length x Width: 27.75" x 2.1" / 70.5cm x 5.3cm * Circumference: 19" - 26.5" / 48.2cm x 67.3cm
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